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CPCs often present themselves as medical clinics and offer medically inaccurate information on birth control and abortion. One particularly pernicious strategy they have been known to employ is to deceive visitors into believing they are abortion providers and delay women so long that they miss a window during which they can get to an actual doctor.

- Crisis Pregnancy Center Ads are Back - And more Deceptive Than Ever, Talking Points Memo, July 21 

Last time we checked, lying to women isn’t medical care. 

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) pose as legitimate reproductive health centers. They have a track record of outright lying to women and work to dissuade people from exercising the right to choose. They often advertise as if they provide abortion services, drawing people in by promising free reproductive health services, including free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and options counseling.

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my favorite phrase is “i deserve this” when treating myself because even tho i really don’t 90% of the time, that phrase just seems so reaffirming & it makes it okay